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Colwynn Garden Design is an independent publication launched in May 2022. We cover topics related to Garden Design with a focus on sustainable landscaping.

This blog is mostly written by me, Chris Bell.

I am a Garden Designer in Los Angeles and founder of Colwynn Design, a garden design service that specializes in Drought Tolerant Design. During the pandemic, I realized many clients were spending more time at home and had a new-found enthusiasm for improving their gardens themselves, rather than pay premium for a 3rd-party garden service.

If this resonates with you, or you already had an interest in garden design, this is the blog for you!

An illustrative planting plan for use by homeowners in California Hot Inland Valley Regions
A sample planting plan for Hot Inland Valley Regions

Colwynn Design can only provide design services to a limited number of homeowners, so we are passing on our knowledge to all other keen gardeners that want to spruce up their landscaping using low-maintenance techniques, or simply to learn more..

I cover more than just the meat and potatoes of gardening and there is content here on a number of different topics.

selective focus photography of blue kingfisher
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge / Unsplash

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