What Your Favorite Colour Says About You

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A question garden designers should ask clients is “What is your favourite colour?”. Say the reply is “red”, don’t assume the designer will create a plant palette featuring red Roses and Carnations. Then, why should they ask this? As a designer, you should ask because knowing your favourite colour tells you a lot about their personality. For example, red is the colour of fire and blood, the most ‘intense’ hue, and is considered the colour of passion. This signifies they are someone who is driven, adventurous and active in life. Often these types of people are extroverts who would prefer a front yard design that stands out from the neighbors, not conforming to a generic template.

Color Chart

Isn’t it interesting, how a simple one-word response to a very easy-to-answer question reveals so much about someone? In the design world, we often think about colour composition and how that can affect the people using that space or product, but do we spend much time thinking about how our affinities to colour reflect on us? Here’s what other colours can say about you:

Blue - symbolizes peace and tranquillity. People who like blue tend to seek order and calm in their lives. I often find that these types are more attracted to orderly and symmetrically balanced designs.

Green - symbolic of nature, fertility and rebirth. Most outdoorsy types will have an affinity for green or brown and this will lend itself to more natural landscapes that are full of life.

Orange - represents warmth and enthusiasm. This reveals that you tend to have an outgoing and vibrant personality. Very similar to red except that they lean more towards showy designs that are inviting to others, not just making a bold statement.

Yellow - the colour of joy and optimism. If this is your favourite colour, you enjoy sharing with others but are eager to emphasize your individuality and don’t take life too seriously. A common trait of this type of personality is a taste for whimsical designs.

White - symbolic of purity and innocence. White personalities tend to desire simplicity and organisation. Similar to blue, but leans more towards minimalist design.

Grey - often associated with bland, grey does not mean this type has no interest in good design, rather they value composure and peace. "Greys" often have good business ability and can be workaholics. I find that this favours conservative design with no exotic flair.

If you’d like to try this, some people don’t know how to answer, but the colour of their clothes, accessories or car can reveal a subconscious affinity to a colour. By telling the client what their favourite colour says about them can be a great way to break the ice and help you figure out what designs work best for that individual.

Tristam Bielecki

Tristam Bielecki

Garden Designer based in Los Angeles, California. Tristam specialises in planning drought tolerant and sustainable gardens with an emphasis on native plants.